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Dangerous goods shipping

Handling dangerous goods increases the risk of serious consequences for humans and their environment. DOLT LOGISTICS, your expert in the transport of dangerous goods, ensures the transit of the most delicate cargoes under the strictest safety and reliability standards.

Whether explosives, gases, flammable and / or toxic, corrosive or radioactive materials, DOLT LOGISTICS is the best solution for the transport of dangerous goods in dry, bulk, containers or on pallets.

Our customers love our service and attention to safety and detail.

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Road transport of dangerous goods

Dolt Logistics offers the road transport of dangerous goods to satisfy your ADR shipment needs with complete reliability and in compliance with all standards demanded by the law. Here we refer to specifications on packaging, labelling and the marking of units transported as well as safety when loading and stowing the cargo in said units.

Waterway transport of dangerous goods

DOLT LOGISTICS transports your dangerous goods respecting the IMDG code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods). All aspects such as packaging, labeling, stowage and the various protocols are carefully observed. We take care of every detail of the transit of your IMO cargo to ensure care, speed and safety.

Railway transport of dangerous goods

DOLT LOGISTICS transports your dangerous goods in compliance with the RID (Regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by rail). Our security advisors ensure that all protocols are carefully applied. Our company is very committed to respecting regulations.


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